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When a national retailer who is well established in other parts of the country want to enter the New England market in an aggressive manner, they seek out representation who knows all the nuances of New England. i.e. local knowledge on the lay-of-the-land and relationships with owners in the area. These are the 2 key elements to a retailer’s successful expansion plan in any given market territory.

At Blake Commercial, we bring to the table over 350,000 miles driven getting acclimated to all the retail markets within MA, NH and CT. We also have a long list of outstanding relationships with NE’s shopping center owners (large and small)… but before we go out sourcing locations, we want to know everything you are willing to share about your business model. It is paramount to fully comprehend the overall nature of the business that is expanding. With a complete understanding of a company’s profit-drivers and business model, we can then place their stores accordingly.

For example, banks and coffee shops may share the same physical size and site criteria, but that is not what’s driving their eventual investment decision when it comes to choosing new real estate. Retail banks growing organically (not through acquisition of existing financial institutions) are typically focused on locations in municipalities where residents have significant deposits. A coffee shop on the the other hand needs to satisfy (4) requirements to have a successful location. 1. High Daily Traffic Count, 2. Great Store & Signage Visibility, 3. Easy access in and out of the site and 4. preferable location on the AM side of the street (morning traffic). Coffee is a morning routine for most and an impulse buy at other parts of the day. If it’s inconvenient to access a site or if consumers do not notice the coffee shop’s presence, it is safe to say there will be no consumer impulse and in turn the business will suffer.

We have experience with Regional Retailers, National Retailers and National Franchises in all different lines of business. For a complete list of tenant’s that we have successfully completed expansions and relocations for, please visit Our Experience page.

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