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At Blake Commercial, we strive to build a life-long working relationship with everyone we transact with. We are able to build and maintain these relationships by taking a Transparent, Personal & Focused approach with every single person or organization we work with.

Real Estate is high-risk, high-profit, competitive industry. This fosters a complicated environment with not only significant dollars at stake but also people’s livelihoods. Whether we are working with a large real estate investment trust or a small town local family who’s earnings depend on the rental income of their one commercial building, we insist on working out the details of a transaction in low pressure and genuine manner. Matters of confidentially excluded, we bring all angles to light in order to overcome the obstacles that arise in any given negotiation. It is easy to fabricate leverage or force people to negotiate against themselves, but our insistent avoidance of these strategies is what separates us from our competition.

It’s a very small world where your name and reputation are everything. This is a fact that we enjoy capitalizing on. We can confidently direct a new client to absolutely anyone we have worked over the years with 100% certainty they will provide an outstanding reference.




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