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Everyone knows the old adage: Location, Location, Location. This statement is as true today as it was when the phrase was coined back in 1926. Location is the #1 key element to having a successful brick and mortar retail business. The biggest challenge we face here is that New England is one of the most difficult parts of the country to secure that perfect location. With New England’s long history, virtually every property worthy of a national credit tenant has already been developed. That being said, it’s no easy task to secure that ideal location without dealing with a mixed bag of business buy-outs or relocations, environmental remediation and various permitting obstacles… But at the end of the day, it’s well worth it: Massachusetts consistently ranks within one of the top 5 wealthiest states in the US. Even in the most difficult of economic times, most retailers are able to still post successful earnings in all of Massachusetts' core markets.

Virtually every real estate transaction facilitated by Blake Commercial of is a product of our capability to identify, acquire and lease properties that aren't readily available. These transactions are typically done in a ‘behind-the-scenes’/off-market sort of fashion. We don't sign exclusives, put up marketing signs and wait for people to call.  Our proactive approach starts with a simple 3-step process

1. Surveying a market through the use of today’s latest technology (Aerial Photography, G.I.S. Mapping & Demographic Profiling)

2. Pinpointing existing retailers current positioning (Core markets and Competition Analysis) and

3. Getting in the car, driving the market and creating opportunities the old-fashioned way. Or as we call it: “Pounding The Pavement”

Once we identify and secure the ideal real estate for a client, we rely on our Industry Alignment to bring the project across the finish line. For more on how we actively collaborate with other practices within the industry, visit our Partners page.

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